Hopefully Senate Election will show clear support for LNP

April 5, 2014
Being in the Curtin Electorate, and living in Mosman Park, I nipped down to the charming art deco Memorial Hall to place my vote. Mossie Park is a real Liberal Party stronghold, given that it's generally a pretty well off and established suburb with lots of oldsters. (That said, there are chunks of it that are demographically the opposite of this, making it quite an intriguing locality.)

The atmosphere at the polling place was certainly very different to King St Newtown, where I voted a couple of times when I was living in Sydney. That inner city suburb is completely dominated by the green Left. Felt quite sorry for the conservatives who were running in that area! Didn't actually see any overt abuse of them when I was there. But knowing the Left's penchant for obnoxiousness, I'm sure they faced a lot of hostility in the form of dirty looks, sneers and comments. 

Today the situation was reversed. The greenies were the ones who seemed the odd ones out. I thought that their little recycling box for how to vote cards being dwarfed by the Liberal Party poster said it all. The Greens are fixated on feel good moral posturing, whereas the Libs are thinking about real issues like the economy.

I have no doubt that the voters in Curtin will realize this and make the sensible choice. I just hope that a decisive majority of voters throughout the rest of Western Australia do the same thing. Will be hugely exasperating if Abbott doesn't have an amenable Senate to work with from now on. 


Celebrity shark whisperer Ocean Ramsey condemns cull

April 2, 2014
The relationship between the cult of celebrity and the religion of Gaia-worship is an interesting one. To use a biological term, it seems to be symbiotic, or mutually beneficial.

Most often it's celebrities who use environmental causes to boost their profiles. But sometimes it works the other way around. Naturalists with a passion for the planet can become famous in their own right. Examples include Steve Irwin and David Attenborough. David Bellamy was also quite famous for a while until he h...

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Shannen Doherty the latest celebrity to oppose the shark cull

April 1, 2014
I always find it amusing how Hollywood celebrities are attracted to green-left causes. Their motives are so transparent. They clearly have no sincere belief in them. They are just trying to latch on to the feel-good factor, gain some extra publicity and thereby bolster their careers.

Perhaps more amusing is how the green-left activists themselves are so enamoured of these vain airheads. They fawn over them like schoolgirls over Justin Bieber.

 So odd. Aren't these brave crusaders for nature and...
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Cheap spicy meals in the Perth CBD

March 22, 2014
The cost of eating out in Perth can be pretty extreme. In recent years there have been a few media reports about this unfortunate aspect of living here.

However there are a still few places you can get a good tasty feed for a bargain place. One of them is well established. That's Govinda's in Northbridge. They sell delicious curries in the weekday evenings for only five bucks. 

Another place that is less well known is East West Cuisine in Raine Square. This new complex is right in the heart of ...
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Pedestrian sign accident on Stirling Highway in Mosman Park

March 21, 2014
I live in Mosman Park, and often head down to the Subway not far from the train station there. Along that stretch of the Stirling Highway the road is too narrow. So is the footpath, especially right near the station itself. Walking along it always feels a bit fraught, particularly at rush hour. There's a hell of a lot of traffic thundering through there on the way to Fremantle and back.

About a hundred metres form the station there's a busy petrol station where people enter at speed from the h...
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Kelly Slater's silly anti-shark cull statement

March 18, 2014
The irrationality of those who are against the shark cull is quite something. Sure, it's not that surprising coming from hard core greenies. They live in a world of emotionalism, after all. But every now and then you hear about deranged utterances from people you thought would know better. 

Take Kelly Slater, for example. The world champion surfer has actually gone on record saying that he'd be honoured to be eaten by a noah.

That's not just a case of jumping the shark. That's humping it as wel...
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Russell Woolf, Verity James to save our (their?) ABC

March 15, 2014
West Aussies are preparing to go back to the polls for the Senate by-election in April. There are several micro-parties running in a bit of a mini-repeat of what happened federally several months ago. But they're not as colourful as that last crowd, which was memorably equated with the bar scene from Star Wars

One of them is a one-issue party headed by former ABC stalwarts Russell Woolf and Verity James. They have formed the Save Our ABC party. 

Hmmm. What do they mean by our ABC? Being the r...
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Racist abuse of Nic Naitanui on Twitter reveals PC double standard

March 15, 2014
When I first heard about high profile West Aussie footballer Nic Naitanui copping racial abuse on Twitter I assumed it was at the hands of an Anglo. But it seems that the alleged perpetrator was of Vietnamese descent since his surname is Nguyen.

Just goes to show that racism is not always whites abusing non-whites. In this case the local Equal Opportunity Commissioner is condemning the abuse. But I wonder if this would be the case if the victim were white, in particular a white straight male. ...

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Is "Emperor" Colin Barnett the Jeff Kennett of WA?

February 28, 2014
Colin Barnett certainly dominates politics in this state. No matter how hard his Labor opponents try, they just can't seem to land a punch on him. Desperate to turn voters against him, they constantly repeat this line that he's arrogant and out of touch. I don't think this is a majority view, nor will it ever be. Still, it is certainly proliferating. 

And I think it was one of the main reasons recent anti-shark-cull protests were so crowded. A substantial proportion of the crowd were not full-...
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WA's green intensity and the nature of the state

February 24, 2014
I have been thinking about the ferocity of the anti-shark cull campaign here in the west. I keep wondering why it is so intense. Sure, people get het up about these things all over the globe, but generally not to the extent we've seen here recently

For example, there have been drum lines and shark nets in Queensland and NSW for decades. Yet they have caused little controversy. There were even people demonstrating about the West Aussie measures in those states. Makes you wonder why they didn'...
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