The Fremantle Fibonacci Centre in Blinco St

December 7, 2014
Fremantle has a well deserved reputation for being a haven of tolerance and a magnet for arty types and alternative lifestylers. Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of this would be the crowd at the Fremantle Markets. While it's pretty heterogenous, you'll see a lot more ferals, hippies, New Agers and hipsters there than you will at other public venues, that's for sure.

You'll also see signs of Freo's pervasive alternativeness if you walk down its residential streets. More than a few of the houses have lavishly tended gardens rich in native flora, some with various ornaments, statues and the like.

And you'll sometimes find little artists' co-ops and similar meeting places for the alternative-minded. A good example of this is the Fremantle Fibonacci Centre in Blinco St.

The centre's website describes it as "a place of creation, collaboration, education, and inspiration, for all the artists and designers within its walls, and also the greater community".

I wandered past there today and got these shots. As well as being a hub for artists, the distinctively designed building contains a cafe that is quite popular.


Unison on Tenth construction site, Maylands

December 7, 2014
One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Perth these days is how quickly gleaming new buildings pop up. Construction has probably peaked, or may even be on the wane compared to a few years ago. Still, there's a hell of a lot of it going on.

Take the Unison on Tenth project in Maylands

The foundations have yet to be laid. But they've finished clearing the block and it's obviously going to be a mighty impressive apartment building. 

With all the old buildings gone, the graffiti on the neigh...
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The water tower in Nollamara (near Mt Yokine Reservoir)

December 2, 2014
If you're anywhere in Dianella and you look west toward the beach you'll see a couple of large structures up on a hill. One of them is a water tower and another is a satellite tower for the TV stations there. They loom over everything and have been there for many years. (Probably the best place to see them is from the Dianella Plaza, on the corner of Morley Drive and Alexander Drive.)

Hard to know exactly which suburb they're in since both are right on the border of two of them, very close to ...
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Arkana Rd Deli in Westminster has a unique atmosphere

November 16, 2014
Because of a little lead generation business I have I really get around the suburbs of Perth a lot. In these journeys I often find little shops and streets that are really quite evocative.

For some reason it's the milk bars and tuck shops that really do it for me. I think this has something to do with my memories of growing up in Dianella in the seventies and going to the corner store and Dianella Plaza, which was like an awesome wonderland to me then, but much smaller and less crowded than it...
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Memories of Putt Putt Innaloo

November 13, 2014
A few days ago I was in the commercial hub of Innaloo, where the Westfield Shopping Centre is. Whenever I'm in that area my mind goes straight back to the seventies. My dad would take me and my sister down to Scarborough and Trigg beaches on the weekends. And after hours of swimming and surfing, we'd often drop in for a feed at the Hungry Jack's there -- which still remains by the way.

Every now and then we'd go to the miniature golf course nearby known as Putt Putt. As I recall it, this was j...
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Carbon tax repeal means cheaper public transport

November 4, 2014
The manner in which the state government has refunded the cost of the repealed carbon tax to users of public transport seems to have been met with a range of reactions. But I have to say it's fine by me. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I didn't have to pay a cent to go anywhere I wanted to yesterday.

And I was greeted with another pleasant surprise today: My all day ticket went down from $12.10 to $11.80. Not a huge plunge, but that will add up over time. I get around Perth a lot on ...
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Bloke who sat on whale carcass provokes range of reactions

November 2, 2014
I'm sure you've heard about this boatie who sat on a whale carcass off Rotto as humungous sharks circled around it. There was an interesting range of reactions to this stunt. Not surprisingly, most people thought he was an idiot.

Post by Perth Now.

Nonetheless, some opined that he was a champion and a legend, or at least not in any danger. Not surprisingly the ongoing political battle over the shark cull was a persistent theme in comment threads.

Some of these reactions illustrated the green t...

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Out of control party in Girrawheen reveals societal shift

November 1, 2014
On this blog I often write about how the Perth of today compares to the one I grew up in. In so many ways it's a different and more dangerous place. 

One notable aspect of the change is how teenagers and young people behave. So many of them are feral these days it's scary!

Sure, being over fifty now, I'm well on the way to codgerdom. And oldsters have been griping out whippersnappers since time immemorial. 

But this is different. Take reports of out of control parties in this city. I know they o...
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Greens claim shark cull victory, but Barnett's battle is not over

October 24, 2014
In the wake of Colin Barnett abandoning his sensible shark mitigation strategy (inaccurately labelled a cull by his enemies) the Greens are crowing

They seem to think that their victory on this issue is complete and enduring. But they shouldn't break out the bongs just yet ... 

Sure, the polls may be with their insane do-nothing, humans-have-got-this-coming take on the attacks at the moment. But the odds of another gruesome gobbling at a beach in Perth are high indeed. And if that happens the...
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Startling snake bite surge in areas around Perth

October 24, 2014
Forget about the sharks for a moment! Numerous West Aussies are being attacked by native critters on land as well -- snakes to be exact. 

This report of a suspected snake bite in Jurien Bay is the most recent of several. Obviously it's not part of a concerted effort on Gaia's part -- although I'm sure there are a few shrub-humping greenies who believe that to be the case (and that it's exactly what we deserve).

It's clearly got something to do with the approach of summer, as serpents awake from...
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