Lawyer Simon Watters ruffles feathers at quiz night

September 2, 2014
Every now and then someone of high social standing flouts this age's politically correct conventions and gets severely spanked in the media for it. The latest example is local lawyer Simon Watters, who apparently indulged in some off-colour humour while emcee of a recent quiz night.

I wasn't there to see what's been reported. Maybe it's a beat up as he and others have claimed. And it should be remembered that whenever humour's involved there's always the matter of tone. Sometimes people are trying to mock the attitudes they seem to be endorsing. You know the response: "Hey, I was being ironic, okay?" (That said, he seems not to have invoked that excuse here.)

In any case, the brouhaha does raise the issue of double standards. I note that one of the barrister's targets on the night was Gina Rinehart. She is a favourite hate figure of the Left and they routinely mock and deride her in the most vicious and misogynistic way imaginable. Yet no one in the ABC or Fairfax seems to care. The majority of journos in News Ltd don't seem too fussed, either.

Now, if Watters had restricted his jokes to Rinehart, and maybe a few other politically correct targets, I'll bet we wouldn't have even heard about the now notorious event at North Cottesloe Primary. But unfortunately for him he didn't. He committed the unforgivable sin of mocking Carmen Lawrence, along with gays and other groups deemed off limits for any kind of humorous treatment by the left-wing thought police (unless it's lefties themselves who are making exactly the same jokes, in which case it's all perfectly okay).

This double standard doesn't just apply to media coverage. It's also the rule in many professions, such the very one in which Watters practises

But Mr Kerloy said his actions could place Mr Watters in breach of the Legal Profession Conduct Rules.

"That is section 6.2 that says that a practitioner must not engage in conduct, in the course of providing legal services or otherwise, that demonstrates that the practitioner is not a fit and proper person to practice law; or may be prejudicial to, or diminish public confidence in, the administration of justice or may bring the profession into disrepute."

He said it would be up to the Legal Practice Board to act on any official complaints on the matter.

Gawd, half the leftie lawyers in the country could be considered guilty of such conduct! Just go on Twitter and read the rantings of legal eagles (cuckoos, more like) such as Julian Burnside. You almost never hear of any of them getting disciplined for their often ridiculous and obnoxious behaviour. 

Apex Harmony "The Shark Cull" is clearly beyond parody

September 1, 2014
Just when I thought that the deep green campaign to stop the West Australian "shark cull" couldn't get any sillier, the outraged nature boyz 'n' girlz waging it have outdone themselves with a deranged doco called Apex Harmony "The Shark Cull".

The title on its own is a hoot. Apex Harmony refers to Sea Shepherd's hilarious "shark defence" campaign. It's like "Shock and Awe" for big fat fish.

The site proudly proclaims that new merchandise will be out soon. Hey, don't these people detest capitali...
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Memorials to those who died on Perth's train lines and roads

August 16, 2014
In any big city it's a sad inevitability that people are killed by passing trains, trucks, buses and cars. Sometimes the sites of these tragedies are marked with little memorials to the victims. If you get around a lot on public transport as I do then you are sure to see them occasionally. 

Perhaps the most widely known was in the recently demolished Wellington St Bus Station. I forget the name of the person who was killed, but I'm pretty sure it was a girl and she was Japanese. The site alway...
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Perth will soon have too many new apartment blocks

August 15, 2014
One of the most striking changes to Perth in the last decade or so has been the profusion of large, gleaming highrise apartment blocks. Sure, the city has long had an impressive skyline. But apart from the CBD it was mostly very low slung and laid back.

Now, there are numerous towering buildings, and not just in or near the city centre. Whenever one or more of these appears it really changes the whole feel of the surrounding area. As a result there are now many parts of Perth that are actuall...
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Karl O'Callaghan's relationship with son Russell

August 14, 2014
Got to feel sorry for Karl O'Callaghan. It must be challenging enough to effectively carry out the high profile job of West Australian Police Commissioner. But to have his son being in such trouble with the law? That must be heart-breaking as well as humiliating. Quite frankly I don't know how he keeps his cool. He must be breaking up inside

And I don't think that his son Russell's behaviour is solely due to drug abuse -- although obviously this is a huge factor. I'm no shrink but it looks t...

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Loss of Station St Markets will alter Subi's character still more

August 13, 2014
I just read a report about how the markets in Subiaco are slated for destruction and will be replaced by huge new shopping outlets. My first thought: That's not surprising! They've been lying fallow for ages ... 
But I then realized that this update referred to plans for the extant Station Street Markets, and not the old Pavillion Markets down the road (pictured below). 

Just goes to show how quickly things continue to change in this area. 
I used to live nearby in a unit on Subiaco Rd, close to...

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Kim Hames's bizarre comments about Gammy's father

August 12, 2014
Kim Hames has disavowed his earlier comments regarding the Sixty Minutes interview with baby Gammy's parents. Initially he said that after watching the interview he felt sure that the girl Pipah was not at risk in the care of David Farnell.

His subsequent about face was primarily due to legal protocol:

"I was convinced with his remorse over those issues and that he loves his baby daughter, and I think he and his wife will take good care of her," he told reporters.

But Dr Hames backflipped later,...

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Drew Gregory's threat to kill Premier shows extent of green hysteria

August 9, 2014
The green campaign to stop the shark cull has been growing gradually more unhinged of late. As well as repeated bolshie demos featuring conga lines of misanthropic cranks there has also been an attack on the Premier's office in Cottesloe. Also, threats have made against fisherman carrying out the cull. 

The latest development: A passionate young activist called Drew Gregory sent Barnett an expletive-laden e-mail threatening to kill him

Okay, so she's just a kid. And she didn't really mean it....
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Salvation at Stirling Station

August 7, 2014
You would no doubt have heard about this heartening incident at Stirling Train Station, in which a hapless commuter who fell between the platform and a train was rescued by pretty much every able bodied man, woman and child present.

Video of it has gone viral, and no wonder. It's a touching example of the goodwill that resides in every human heart, even if it seems not to be overtly expressed that often. 

The incident occurred here, but I don't think there's anything uniquely "Perthesque" abou...
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Is Colin Barnett as arrogant as his detractors claim?

July 31, 2014
Every politician seems to develop a public persona over time. Sometimes it corresponds strongly to his actual personality. But at other times it's very distant. 

Take the nerdy uncle persona of Kevin Rudd. He was always seen as a bit of a dag, but a brainy guy who sincerely had the nations's best interests at heart. He was astonishingly popular for quite some time. Remember how often he was mobbed at shopping centres by people desperate to take selfies with him? 

But slowly his true character e...
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