What happened to Russell Woolf was very sad, obviously. But there's no denying that his death was very strange. It's quite reasonable to speculate about the possible cause. 

Not surprisingly the MSM are running the line that there was no way this had anything to do with him being double jabbed. Only a crazy conspiracy theorist would say such a thing!

Of course there may well have been another reason. But the event certainly did come out of the blue. And there have been many such sudden deaths after the "you know what". It's not an irrational conclusion to draw.

Those condemning the "antivaxxers" seem not to have offered other theories as to why he died so suddenly. So how can they be so certain it wasn't that?

While not obese he was a big guy who did seem to be carrying extra weight. He was not unlike Paul Murray, who recently required an ambulance visit at work for some reason. Again, it's not unreasonable to conclude that this might have been jab-related. 

People like Woolf have extra pressure on their circulatory systems already. Blood clots are a known issue with the jabs, so it's feasible that a bad reaction could have catastrophic consequences for a bloke with an already stressed heart.

Then there's the fact that the hospitals have been filling up lately and the system can barely cope. Premier McGowan thinks that this could be due to "some sort of delayed reaction to COVID".

But how could that be? Hasn't he kept the state free from the dreaded virus with his snap lockdowns and stringent border closures? 

The longer that the government and media refuse to actually consider that the vaccine rollout might have something to do with this, the bigger the reaction against them will be in the end. 

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