Learn to Make Money from Home in Perth

Please note: As of early 2016 I'm not offering this service. Apologies. 

Like many people who spend a lot of time online, I've investigated various ways to earn extra money working from home. Over the last several years I've learned a lot about how best to achieve this aim. I am happy to show people in Perth how to do this for a reasonable fee in private lessons in their homes or offices (details bottom of page).

I'll thoroughly cover several money making methods when I come to see you, of course. But here are some general tips:

Avoid the scams

You must avoid those awful scammy work at home programs that promise massive piles of cash for little effort (many of which seem to feature a photo of some smirking guy standing in front of a Ferrari!). Instead, think of what you yourself can do to generate income.

For example, we all have particular skills and knowledge that we can impart to others for payment. (This page is an example. Experience has taught me how to make cash online and offline, so now I teach newcomers how to do this.)

Offer services

Then there are countless tasks you can do for people in your area, thereby generating income at home, or close to it. For example, I make money distributing flyers for small businesses in Perth (and include my own promotion material while I'm doing it). You can offer other in-demand services such as cleaning, ironing, walking dogs, baby-sitting. The list goes on.

You can make money doing work for individuals and companies online as well, such as writing content. You can also send traffic to commercial sites and get paid a share of sales that eventuate (affiliate marketing).

Build a website

While having a site isn't absolutely vital in achieving this aim, it's highly recommended. And you should have a blog included as part of it. It also helps if you have a real interest in the subject matter. That way adding your thoughts and insights won't seem like work, and before long you'll have accumulated lots of interesting information.

It's that unique, relevant content that will draw quality, targeted search engine traffic in the long term. And you can gain a lot more by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. (Over the last several years I have learned much about both these methods. Please check out my sites SEO Tips Australia and Blog Plus Tweet.)

So if you are keen to work from home doing something you enjoy, I can definitely help you get started ...

Private lessons: In a couple of hours in your home or office I can cover a lot of ground. You'll learn about building your own website (with blog), drawing visitors to it by online and offline methods, and how to make money from that traffic.

I charge $35 per hour. Please call me on 0425 284 015 to discuss, or contact me via the form included. (And if you think others might be interested in this service, please share this page using the buttons under the form.)