At about the same rate that the Perth Entertainment Centre is being demolished the nearby Perth Arena is being constructed. It's much bigger than the "Ent Cent" and I suspect will be a lot harder to tear down when it too finally passes its "use by" date several decades from now. As you can see from this shot (which, like all the others in this post, was taken in early August) it's amazing how much steel is in there!

Although it is a very big structure, you really can't get a sense of its size unless you look closely to see the people working on it. The crane in the above shot was actually holding some workers, who can be seen below.

The structure's "skeleton" is now covered to a greater degree than is shown in these shots. But there's still quite a bit of work being done on the surface.

Again, you don't really get an idea of its size unless you zoom in to see the workers more clearly.

The best view you can get of the part of the building shown above is if you catch a bus from Northbridge. A newly built overpass takes you across Roe Street and the railway line, and you pass by the Perth Arena only metres from where these guys are working. That's when you see just how steep and precarious that section is. Clearly, such jobs are not for the fainthearted.