As I've mentioned, the demolition of the Perth Entertainment Centre has been going on for weeks now and presents quite a memorable scene, particularly for anyone who has lived here for a while. The building has long been one of the CBD's main landmarks, after all.

You get a very close view of it if you catch any bus that goes through Northbridge into Wellington Street Bus station, or any train going to or from Fremantle, as you see in the shot below.

You can also see it from Northbridge if you are driving or walking along Roe St, and even from Russell Square, which is the park between James and Aberdeen.

This shot was taken from a car park off James Street. Incidentally the building in the foreground with all the graffiti was the one that housed the Red Parrot, a very popular nightclub back in the eighties.

And this one was from Milligan Street, just opposite Rosie O'Gradys. (The green building is the home of the Community Newspaper Group.)

I took all these photos a few days ago (on the 6th of September) so they're the most recent shots of the demolition I've posted on the blog so far.