Learn to use Social Media in Perth

Please note: As of early 2016 I'm not offering this service. Apologies.

I'm a big fan of social media sites  and use them mainly for promoting my various niche blogs and websites. I've built up substantial followings on several of them. There are links to one of my Twitter accounts as well as my main one for Google Plus in the top right hand corner of the blog

Having slowly but surely built up thesequality, engaged networks I can quickly show you how to do the same. Depends what your purpose is of course, and which site or sites you wish to focus on, but my private lessons in your home or office usually only take around 2 hrs.  (By the way, if you are completely new to this medium I would suggest opening accounts on several social networks to start with, then focusing on those you feel are best for you.)

Who can I help?

The kind of person who would benefit most from my lessons  is someone who is completely new to the world of social media, or who has recently entered it but is still a bit confused and is not getting what he wants out of it yet. 

There are some key things that you really need to know that will save you heaps of time. In a couple of hours I'll go like the clappers and show you many of these, using my various accounts as a guide. Then you'll have a much clearer idea of how to approach things in the future. 

Who can I not help?

Sometimes people get in touch with me asking for technical trouble shooting. They think that because I blog and tweet that I'm heavily "into computers" and that I can do things like fix their iPhone!

Sorry, social media is not really about computers. It's about people. I'm not a geek ... 

Some people, particularly those who are time poor and in small business,  want to me to do online taks for them. I may look into social media management in the future but right now I'd much rather just show people a whole bunch of really useful tips and techniques in a  short time, thereby giving them tools to hugely speed up their progress on social media. 

Also, I do not see myself as a social media guru, or ninja as some people do. I've learned a lot but I certainly don't know everything. So if you're well into the medium already and want someone to answer a whole range of really specific questions about how to go "to the next level" then I'm just not your guy, I'm afraid. 

How do I approach the lesson?

I always like to talk on the phone with someone who might be interested in a lesson so that I can get a sense of what they are looking for, what field they're in, etc. Then if we go ahead with it I can arrive with some ideas and approaches prepared, thereby giving them better value for money. 

I know this isn't your typical way of approaching things. Many people prefer a more structured, traditional approach. In that case there are some some great local classes you can attend. For online stuff, check out Udemy, linked on the blog right hand side bar. Fantastic stuff there. 

If you are interested in one of my private lessons then don't hesitate to call me on 0425 284 015, or send me an e-mail via the contact form on this page. I charge $35 per hr for this service.