There's a proposed Perth International Arts Festival production that sounds very intriguing. It will be part of the Anzac Centenary commemorations and will feature some giant puppets expertly crafted by Frenchmen.

Now, this sounds extremely unusual. Don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says "giant puppet" is stupid shouty bolshie protest. I also think: crap creations that don't look remotely like the eeevil hate figures they're meant to represent (namely Tony Abbott and Rupert Murdoch). 

These massive marionettes, however, are sure to be visually impressive. And they move too! 

The other aspect of their employment that is so surprising -- shocking even -- is that they will be part of a story that is pro-Anzac (at least as far as I know). Now, for most on the Left -- who, as we all know, rule Artsville, Orstraya with an iron fist -- this is nothing short of heresy.

Quite a few of these overwhelmingly "pacifist" people (now currently showing their deep compassion by siding with barbaric aggressors Hamas against democratic, civilized Israel) are sure to see The Giants as a celebration of war! Yet they'll also be expected to sing the show's praises.

Poor little dears. They'll feel so conflicted.

I suspect the festival's movers and shakers are mindful of this tension, and will seek to placate their flock. That's why I think there'll be some nodding to green, left-wing shibboleths in the show.

It's likely that they'll be careful not to make the Anzacs seem too heroic -- perhaps by reminding us that even though they were brave, they were still appallingly misogynist. It will probably include the odd reference to catastrophic climate change and the evils of capitalism as well. A drearily PC stolen generations angle is a distinct possibility, too. 

I really hope to be proved wrong on this. But somehow I doubt it. As we all know, Australian arts bureaucrats are simply the biggest puppets there are.