It's heartening to know that the State Government is introducing new measures to deal with the serious threat posed by sharks in West Australian waters.

Chief among the measures was $2 million to allow the Department of Fisheries to track, catch and kill white pointer sharks if they are deemed to be an imminent risk to public safety.

Of course an approach like this will annoy greenies. And a good thing too! They get their way so often that it's refreshing when their will is flouted for once.

And I'm so tired of their drivel about humans being in the "shark's domain" and that they should therefore suffer the consequences. As well as being a brutal and nihilistic attitude it's very odd when compared to the rest of their ideology. They constantly demand that people should be protected in many other environments, remember.

And aren't humans always invading the natural world anyway? Even greenies live in houses built in what used to be the natural habitat of countless critters. And aren't bacteria and viruses Gaia's little children too? If you're going to say someone deserves to be devoured by a white pointer then you may as well argue that those dying from Ebola virus (or influenza, for that matter) are just getting what's coming to 'em!

Back to the sharks: I won't be surprised if some activists issue dire warnings about their populations being decimated as a result of these laws. But there's clearly been a huge increase in shark numbers. There's no way that such measures could put the slightest dent in their populations.

The green left is fond of saying they strongly believe in human rights. Well, what about the basic human right to take a dip at your local beach without being bitten in half? Doesn't sound like too big an ask to me. The UN should enshrine that one in law post-haste!

Basically, the West Australian coastline is so amazingly long, it's perfectly sensible and reasonable that the Government should finally do something serious to make small, selected sections of it safe for swimmers and surfers. I just hope their measures work, that's all.