I voted earlier today at Council House on St Georges Terrace in Perth. Back in my long lost youth, when election days came around, I used to see voting as a chore. Now, as I near the big 50 I really look forward to the the process. It reminds me of what a fantastic country we live in. We all have a say in who governs us. And sadly that's still not the case in many nations.

Not only do we have democracy but party representatives and citizens almost always treat each other with respect. While there's occasionally some snarking between the rival groups at various polling places, it's usually pretty minor. (Though it must be said that when there is some obnoxious behaviour, it usually comes from the far left Greens -- and occasionally bolshie union types alligned with Labor.)

I did witness some unpleasant aggro between a couple of individuals when I voted in Newtown in Sydney once. But that's the only time so far.

Today when I went in to make my choice I was offered the Labor how to vote card. I politely declined, and the rep wished me a good day. Good to know such civility is pretty much par for the course right across Australia.

Alannah MacTiernan must have had squillions of these airbrushed posters made up. I get around a lot in her electorate, and they seemed to be on each and every street corner! Looks like this saturation tactic really worked for her, though ...

Speaking of saturation: All these Rudds in a row illustrates the extent to which Labor was pinning all its hopes on his popularity. But it's clearly backfired big time.

I felt that these three posters made quite a harmonious arrangement -- certainly more than if the actual politicans were in such proximity.

Balloons for the Libs seemed appropriate. Their headquarters will be party central tonight.

This Palmer United Party supporter looked a bit like a slimmed down version of the leader himself. Hmmm. Has Clive had himself cloned?