Lately, I've been heading regularly into the northern suburbs and have been dropping into the McDonalds on the corner of Morley Drive and Wanneroo Rd. It's surely one of the biggest and busiest Maccas restaurants in this city.

The reason I'm blogging about it is because I like the atmosphere in there. (I know that foodies and hipsters would be aghast to hear that, but so be it!). I hardly ever order a meal there, but I will always have a short black.

I'm not exactly a coffee afficionado but I do like my java. And the McCafe coffee is fine by me. You'll also pay a hell of a lot less than at many cafes in Perth.

The Tuart Hill Maccas is very popular with families on account of the play room out the back. (I know that most, if not all the branches have these. But judging from all the noise coming from that area this one seems to be particularly popular!)

People also seem to do much more socializing there than at other Maccas. I''ve often sat there for quite a while tapping away at my computer, and realized that the people sitting nearby have been happily chatting awya for the same extended period. This doesn't seem to be so true at other places. They're less busy for a start, and people just seem to pop in and out quite quickly.

One particular aspect I like about it is that you can plug your laptop into the mains there. So you needn't worry about your battery running flat.

They also have free wifi -- which I think is available at all the branches -- although I haven't used it.

Has anyone else been to this particular location and been struck by these qualities?