Because of the large increase in Perth's population, the atmosphere of the city has changed a lot from what it was like a decade or more back. And all the construction has given it a very different look as well. However there are some landmarks that have remained pretty much the same for ages. One of these is the WACA Ground.

While I'm sure it's undergone quite a few changes inside over the years, it still looks much as it always did from afar. The main features of this structure are the five huge floodlights that loom over it. They've been there for a long time -- certainly since the eighties or even earlier.

This is the view looking south from the hill behind it, which is not far from East Perth Cemetery.

The floodlights can also be seen clearly from Adelaide Terrace. This shot is from the small bridge that crosses it, right near the end.

They are quite spectacular structures, even when seen in the daytime. I always thought they looked like immense electric toothbrushes.

The other thing that I always remember about the WACA is the car park, and how it is built on a slope. It's not extreme, but certainly steeper than it appears in the photo. It's always struck me as a bit odd. Although, of course making it level would be a hugely expensive exercize.