If you drive along the Great Eastern Highway through Burswood you're sure to see the Red Castle Motor Inn in Rivervale. It's been there for as long as I can recall, and has always looked memorably incongruous. (Some people think it's incredibly ugly, but I think that's a bit unkind.)

It seems to be such an eccentric choice of design, which makes me curious about its history. I've done some Googling but can't find anything.

Anyway, here's one photo of it from near the Highway. I took it late in the afternoon, and it actually looked quite striking with the setting sun hitting it.

It looks a lot less dramatic when seen from the side, however, as this shot attests. Still, it does have an atmosphere reminiscent of another time and place. With a bit of effort you could almost imagine that you were sightseeing somewhere in England ... well, for a few moments, anyway!