If you're anywhere near the intersection of Canning and Stirling Highways you can see an isolated and stately old building surrounded by vegetation called the Royal George Hotel. In its style and appearance it's quite similar to the Brass Monkey Hotel in Northbridge.

It hasn't been used as a hotel for a long time, however. It's most recent function was as an arts and community centre, although I'm not sure if it's still being utilized as such. I think it might currently be empty and unused. It certainly looked that way when I took these shots of it several months ago. (I also looked for a website for the arts and community centre. Couldn't find one.)

It appears that in recent years there have been several competing visions for the building, with none conclusively winning out. There has also been much frustration about how relevant government organizations have managed it. As a result it currently seems to be in a state of limbo.