On the weekend I read a report about a controversial book about the WA Police Force. It seems that a former serving constable by the name of Ian Patton has been named by the press as the writer of this book. But he vehemently denies this.

My first assumption upon reading the headline was that the book in question was The Crime Factory, which I posted about earlier. But this book's title is actually Cowboys in Uniform. It appears possible that they are entirely separate works.

If this is the case, it's truly intriguing. It means there are two disgruntled former WA coppers now living in the UK who have penned memoirs about their experiences under the cloak of anonymity.

Or perhaps they are not ex-policemen at all. One or both may be bitter individuals aiming to get square with local law enforcement. Or maybe they have other agendas. Who knows?

No doubt many people are keen to read the allegations contained in each tome. But I find the story of their identities and motivations for writing just as interesting.

Do any readers know anything about these books? I'd appreciate any insights because the whole thing is quite a mystery.