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Strange building in North Perth

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, February 16, 2012,
Perth does have its fair share of odd and eccentric buildings. And one that has long fascinated me can be found on the corner of Scarborough Beach Rd and London St in North Perth.

It's an odd structure that has a vaguely Mediterranean feel to it and it looks like some sort of storage space. It's been there for as long as I can remember, and every time I go past it I scratch my head wondering what it's for, and what the hell the builder was trying to say with it! I suspect that many people ask ...
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Burnt out van in Charles St, North Perth

Posted by Matt Hayden on Friday, December 2, 2011,
I was on the bus into Perth at about 2.45PM today when it had to make a detour off Charles Street in North Perth. The problem was a burnt out van in a driveway just near Paddington Street.

The thing was still smoking after the firies had put it out. So it must have been fully ablaze only minutes beforehand.

I had a look from the other side of the road. Even there the smoke was truly noxious and acrid.

The cops were present, as I assume they are at all fires. So maybe it's wrong to read anything...
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Valentino Cafe Restaurant in Lake St Northbridge

Posted by Matt Hayden on Monday, November 21, 2011,
Northbridge, which is just across the railway line from the CBD, is Perth's main entertainment district, with a whole host of bars and nightclubs. It's also the most popular restaurant and cafe strip in the city.

James Street seems to have the bulk of them. The ones just west of Lake Street are the most elegantly designed. And Valentino, a cafe-restaurant on the corner of those two streets, creates quite a striking picture, particularly when seen in daylight through the sculpture that looms ov...
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Perth Entertainment Centre demolition as seen from Northbridge

Posted by Matt Hayden on Friday, September 9, 2011,
As I've mentioned, the demolition of the Perth Entertainment Centre has been going on for weeks now and presents quite a memorable scene, particularly for anyone who has lived here for a while. The building has long been one of the CBD's main landmarks, after all.

You get a very close view of it if you catch any bus that goes through Northbridge into Wellington Street Bus station, or any train going to or from Fremantle, as you see in the shot below.

You can also see it from Northbridge if you...
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Brand new buildings in Balga

Posted by Matt Hayden on Thursday, April 21, 2011,
Balga is a suburb in Perth's north. It's always had a reputation for being a rough area with a high unemployment rate and a lot of crime. It's often seen as equivalent to the poorer suburbs out in Sydney's west such as Macquarie Fields.

It hasn't hasn't transformed demographically all that much in recent years - although there are certainly many more migrants, particularly from Africa, living there now. (This is something you really notice in Perth's northern suburbs generally. When you go so...
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