When I lived in Subiaco over a decade ago now, it was a lot less built up and bustling than it is today. That area around the corner of Hay St and Rokeby Rd was (and still is) one of the city's premiere cafe strips. One of the trendiest and most stylish cafes was the Oriel. It always seemed to be buzzing. 

Anyway, that fell fallow in recent years. Don't have a clue why. It was a nice place with a great atmosphere and was situated in a great position ... Maybe much of its business was taken away when that dining and shopping hub sprang up around the train station, just down the road? 

Anyway, the building has finally been replaced by a casual dining restaurant called Subidoo. It's just opened recently. I haven't been in there yet but it looks nice enough from the outside.

Will be interesting to see how it fares.