A little story about a gift left to a driver by parking inspector in Subiaco really caught my eye. See, a woman had paid for her ticket but the machine wasn't working, so she called the ranger to tell him. She rather snippily cut him off when he said he'd "leave her a little something on her windscreen". He was good to his word, and left her flowers and a charming poem. 

A couple of things stand out for me here. He definitely behaved in a way considered atypical for members of his profession. (He "subverted the dominant paradigm", as trendy academics like to say.) He gets some major cool points from me for that. 

While it was a charming gesture it was also quite risky. That's because just as opening doors for women is seen as patriarchal oppression by many feminists these days, so are gendered gestures such as gifts -- especially those with romantic overtones like flowers. It's truly amazing what some humourless, bitter women have kicked up a fuss over, sometimes even bringing lawsuits against businesses and institutions.
In this case the woman in question took the offering with grace and good humour. So, all's well that ends well as they say. 

I just hope he doesn't try the same thing again because he might not be so lucky next time.