Forget about the sharks for a moment! Numerous West Aussies are being attacked by native critters on land as well -- snakes to be exact. 

This report of a suspected snake bite in Jurien Bay is the most recent of several. Obviously it's not part of a concerted effort on Gaia's part -- although I'm sure there are a few shrub-humping greenies who believe that to be the case (and that it's exactly what we deserve).

It's clearly got something to do with the approach of summer, as serpents awake from their slumber with full venom supplies. The above attacks have occurred in regional areas. But they have happened in Perth occasionally. And clearly city dogs and cats encounter them from time to time, as this page attests.

I have encountered snakes in the outer suburbs of Perth. In fact, as a child, I used to go looking for them! At the age of nine or ten I was fascinated with snakes and lizards and was determined to become a herpetologist.

One day, while attending the Montessori School in Kingsley, a friend and I found and captured a small, light brown snake. We weren't sure what species it was, but felt it was too small to be dangerous even if it were venomous. We put it in a fishbowl with some sand and sticks in it and covered the top with cling wrap, of all things (leaving a little gap for it to breathe).

I took it home that afternoon with the intention of handing it over to Perth Zoo the following day, a Saturday. I remember I had to go to soccer training in Bayswater that evening, so I took it with me on the train.

The snake expert we gave it to was thankful for the gift, and told us that it was a baby dugite. Being only a little tacker, it  was not a danger to adults. But we kids were certainly at risk. So, we dodged a bullet there. And I shudder to think I had it with me on the train!