Huge, out of control parties are not isolated to Perth, of course. However, this city does seem to have far more than its fair share of them. When I was living in Sydney there were reports of such events, but not nearly as many as I've been reading about in the papers over here lately.

Last weekend several such events occurred. In one of them held in Balga a policeman was knocked unconscious. It's alarming that anyone would be so out of control, but it's worse that the kick was delivered by a girl.

And I haven't just been reading about them. I recently moved to a unit in Mosman Park. Two weeks back there was a very noisy party a hundred yards or so away. I don't think that the police were called, but the ruckus was certainly annoying.

Close to midnight some drunken revellers got into an argument on the street maybe twenty metres from where I now live. It escalated to a shouting match and ultimately punches were thrown and some wrestling occurred. Finally the conflict ended and they moved on.

I didn't open my blinds to look because I didn't want to see what was happening. But I heard everything. It was very depressing.

Thankfully nothing similar has happened since. However, considering how many wild parties there've been in Perth recently, I don't think it will be the last such outbreak of violence occurring nearby.