For me, one of the biggest features of living in Perth from 2010-2015 was the shark menace. Some fatalities and numerous sightings over that time and previously meant that pretty much everyone heading to the beach was concerned about the potential risk.

This was a massive change from decades ago. Now having just cracked the half century, I grew up in Perth in the seventies and eighties and was a keen surfer over much of that time. The thought of getting munched by a white pointer was the furthest thing from my mind.

So the obvious, pervasive anxiety that people felt about heading to the beach was very noticeable to me. Then there was all the political argy bargy that went on over how best to deal with the threat. 

But there has not been a fatal attack for years now. So the issue seems to have waned somewhat in people's consciousness -- at least as far as I can tell from reading news outlets.

That said, it's still a concern for many, as this approval for a shark barrier at Sorrento Beach attests.

A special meeting of the council on Tuesday night endorsed the installation of an interlocking nylon barrier which would be attached to the southern wall of Hillarys marina, and run several hundred metres south to another rock groyne.

It would be built by the same company responsible for a similar barrier at Coogee Beach in Cockburn, and at Lighthouse Beach in the New South Wales coastal town of Ballina.

Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said the barrier was expected to cost more than $900,000, with the City to front most of that money.

Nearly a million bucks. A lot of money.

Local greenies have clearly been influential in the decision because it's going to be an Eco Shark Barrier. No doubt they would have arced up loudly had less gentle measures been proposed. 

When this barrier is built there'll be a couple of spots on the Perth coast where people can truly relax when going for a dip. But they'll still be taking a risk when swimming or surfing pretty much anywhere else. 

If there's another fatal attack over summer there'll be huge pressure on the State Government to be more proactive. And the shark wars will be on again, without a doubt!