Two things that always astonish me about the more zealous proponents of politically correct leftism are their childlike naivete and sheer brazen gall. It's a very odd combination. But these are very strange people.

The little ruckus about the trendy lefty cause of gay marriage meeting a hostile reception at Notre Dame Uni is a good illustration of this:

Student Alex Kemp claims the university does not allow students to actively advocate for gay marriage on campus and refuses to recognise groups that support the cause.

Mr Kemp was among a number of students who tried to form a club called the Socialist Alternative, but an application earlier this year for recognition as an affiliated group was rejected.

While he recognised he was attending a Catholic university, he had not been under the impression it would affect what he would be able to do as a student.

Gawd. It's a Catholic university. What the hell heaven did he expect?

Most reasonable, sane adults who wanted to avoid an education influenced by religion would think: "Okay, I'm not into what they're offering. So I'll just navigate around them and find some other institution more to my liking. Live and let live as they say."

But the PC Left is not like that at all. They can't bear the thought of an institution retaining it's own character and culture. If they see one like this they don't just avoid it. They set out to hijack it and bend it to their will. By so doing, they totally destroy the appeal it originally held for its adherents. And they wonder why they are met with so much resistance! Unbelievable.

I'm an atheist myself. But frankly I'm glad that such strongholds of fustiness as the University of Notre Dame remain. After all, pretty much all the other campuses are drearily right-on joints full of seething hostility to Catholicism in particular and Christianity in general.

In these institutions, those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman are the ones who are afraid to speak up. So it's heartening to know that on at least one campus in WA the ones who hold this view are dominant.

It all makes for greater diversity, doesn't it? And isn't that what lefties are supposed to be for?