A coupla days ago one of the marine greenies who had vowed to protect sharks hinted at extreme action against fisherman hired to take out threatening noahs. Now the threats have been clarified. They are both funny and alarming, and reveal just how silly the green movement has become.

So enamoured with their toothy brethren are these dangerously naive numpties that they will now intentionally get in the way of professional shark-hunters in the manner of the harpoon dodging anti-whale crowd.

Sharks, being somewhat smaller than cetaceans, don't require such ferocious fire-power to exterminate (though I doubt guns are out of the question). So their would be saviours might not be risking life and limb to the same extent as those extreme anti-whaling activists. Still, these local heros are determined to block fishing boats. So their actions will clearly involve some danger for both sides, greenies in particular. 

I find this fact utterly jaw-dropping. Clearly, the Carcharodon crusaders believe the life of a shark is equal to that of a whale. And they will even risk their own lives to save them! If that's not completely daft I don't know what is ... 

While a whale is still just a beast, it is a mammal. It has warm blood. It thinks. It's kind of musical. You can even imagine them experiencing emotions like gratitude, or something approaching it. 

I just hope that these self-sacrificing shark-huggers don't expect such fine feelings from the deep sea "victims" they save from acts of species hate crime with these extreme actions. I think they might be in for a rude shock. They could very easily become real bleeding hearts -- not to mention gory limb-stumps -- then.