I'm really glad that the WA Government has finally decided to do something about the threat posed by sharks. As this article makes clear the proposed "kill zone" strategy is nowhere near a cull. It's actually a targeted approach.

Quite frankly I would have been much happier with a cull -- preferably one involving dynamite. But you can't have everything. The Government was under immense pressure to make a compromise and has done so. 

Well, good to know they are doing something proactive. Obviously the measures won't remove the menace entirely, but I'm willing to bet that they will make swimming and surfing off the most popular WA beaches a great deal safer than they are now. 

It will be fantastic if a few years pass and there are no actual shark attacks, let alone gruesome fatalities. The increased sense of safety this affords will be heartening -- as will the outraged spluttering of shark-huggers shown to be wrong in their predictions yet again. That said, only time will tell, of course.

And if you think I'm being harsh by calling the perpetually indignant marine greenies shark-huggers, consider this:

Sea Shepherd Australia director Jeff Hansen was among a small group of protesters who gathered at WA's parliament to pre-empt an announcement from the state government to amend its imminent threat policy for sharks.

"My daughter, who turns three this week, will be horrified if she learns that the Premier (Colin) Barnett wants to go out and kill Bruce," he told the crowd.

Bruce? Has he given her a fluffy noah doll she can cuddle up to, I wonder ... 

Mr Hansen said the conservation activist group would look at the legalities surrounding any shark policy changes, including a cull, but said they were not yet at the stage of interfering with fisherman catching sharks in the way they do with whales.

So there is a good chance they may actually start doing this ... Gawd, it's stupid enough to risk your life to save a marine mammal. But to do the same for a bloody man-eating fish? There are just no words for how idiotic that is.

Always the way with the Left. They keep widening the goalposts, don't they? And they just never know when to stop.