I recently found this page about how Scarborough Beach has been seen as our own version of Bondi Beach since as far back as 1939. Of course in those days the comparison mainly related to how popular these two surf beaches were with families during summer.

Nowadays, they have more in common, such as the population density of both suburbs. Needless to say Bondi is the more crowded suburb of the two by far. There are countless units right near the water. Most have been there for decades, and many are quite run down. There are numerous towering luxury apartment buildings as well.

Scarborough is not nearly as jam-packed as Bondi, but the suburb certainly has far more residents than a decade or so back. There are several multi-storey residential and holiday blocks quite close to the beach, and many low-slung apartment buildings in the suburb proper.

There are also some tall and impressive new apartment blocks close to the beach with more on the way. In a few years the comparison will be even more relevant.