I just read about a massive new plan to revitalize Scarborough Beach. It's interesting that so many believe this facelift is needed, because the area has undergone such massive changes already. 

I used to go down to Scarborough Beach back in the seventies. It was always crowded on weekends, and there were heaps of cars in the carparks off the Esplanade there. But it was hardly built up.

The centre of activity was the fish and chips shop called Peter's by the Sea. I fondly recall playing games of table soccer with my sister and dad.

It's still there. But now it's surrounded by many much larger buildings.

I remember returning to Perth from Melbourne, where I lived in the nineties. I was stunned to see the Rendezvous hotel tower over the area. Put me in mind of Queensland's Gold Coast.

But now, even that building is seen as a symbol of a bygone era. And no wonder. If you get close to it, particularly around the side and back, near West Coast Highway, it's looking a tad dilapidated.

Amazing how quickly it's all changed. And it will be interesting to see it after this new overhaul is completed.