There are numerous locations in Perth where you can see a strong contrast between the old and the new. The corner of Rokeby Road and Hay St in Subiaco is one of these.

There are two lovely old buildings at that intersection, the Subiaco Hotel and the Regal Theatre. The former was built around 1904, in the Art Nouveau style. The latter is an Art Deco building constructed in the mid to late 1930s. Just opposite both of them is the garish home of radio station Nova 93.7. Not sure when that was built, but I suspect it was in the early noughties.

As this article mentions, the Regal Theatre was originally a cinema only, but became a live theatre in 1977. I think it still showed films on occasion after that year, though. I can vividly recall seeing a couple of surfing movies there, of all things. I'm pretty sure that the classic Free Ride was one of them.

I watched a few live comedy shows at the Regal over the years, including ones performed by Barry Humphries, Pamela Stephenson and Los Trios Ringbarkus. These were all over twenty years ago now, so I do feel a sense of nostalgia whenever I walk past the building.