When I first heard about high profile West Aussie footballer Nic Naitanui copping racial abuse on Twitter I assumed it was at the hands of an Anglo. But it seems that the alleged perpetrator was of Vietnamese descent since his surname is Nguyen.

Just goes to show that racism is not always whites abusing non-whites. In this case the local Equal Opportunity Commissioner is condemning the abuse. But I wonder if this would be the case if the victim were white, in particular a white straight male. 

The left-wing PC double standard is very clear on this. It says that whites cannot be victims of racism by non-whites under any circumstances. This is because the latter are invariably disempowered in relation to the former.   

This is highly simplistic. Obviously, there would be lots of scenarios in which this is not the case. 

It's also extremely patronising. It's basically saying to a black man or woman who abuses a white person: your race precludes you from being perceived as fully adult. You will never be held to account for your actions. 

Actually, sounds pretty racist to me. But then what would I know? I'm a "privileged" white male. And I'm saying that people should be treated equally across the board, regardless of race. And that's really racist, right?

If you doubt that the racially tinged abuse of white males is not only acceptable, but actively encouraged by the Left, check out this telling little quote from last week's Q and A.

LISA WILKINSON: Do you think part of the reason why you can't sympathise or recognise what’s...

GEORGE BRANDIS: No, I didn't say I didn’t sympathise.

LISA WILKINSON: But you can't seem to understand how that would cause enormous discomfort for somebody and they would withdraw from public life. Do you think that’s because you are a white, able-bodied, heterosexual male?

Now you can spin that any which way you want and you'll see how stupid and toxic this double standard is. Imagine if Brandis had expressed a similar sentiment about Wilkinson, citing her sex. Better still, imagine if Nic Naitanui had been on the panel, and Brandis had said something like "you can't understand my legal point because you're a black footy player".  

Even the right-on Wilkinson, so fond of hiding behind her gender, couldn't have gotten away with a line like that