Still on the subject of state politicians making observations about big changes affecting Perth, former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett says the frenzy of construction going on in this city is reminiscent of Dubai.

While we certainly don't have as many huge and ornate skyscrapers over here, the skyline has definitely changed a lot in recent years.

The shot below is from North Perth. You can't see every major building in the CBD, of course. Some are concealing each other. But two of the tallest ones to the right of the small, dark brown AMP Building in the centre have gone up in the last decade or so. The BankWest Tower, just to the left of it, was formerly the R&I Tower, and that went up in the eighties. It dominated the skyline for many years. Before that, the now comparatively tiny AMP building was one of the tallest, if not top dog itself!

The skyline itself still has nothing on Sydney, of course. But it's getting there. And it certainly looks impressive from a distance.

One place from which it stands out quite dramatically is Shenton Park train station. When you look east from there, or as you near it on the train, you can see the tops of skyscrapers jutting above the greenery of Kings Park. It's quite an arresting site.

And it's not just the centre of the CBD that has shot up so noticeably. There are many apartment blocks and hotels that have been built along St Georges Terrace as it becomes Adelaide Terrace, as well as on streets running parallel to them. While these don't quite qualify as skyscrapers, they certainly are tall and impressive structures. You can get an idea of how many there are in this shot taken from the South Perth foreshore.