There are many huge differences between Perth and Sydney. Most are to be expected. Take film and TV production. Of course Sydney has more of this because of its far greater size, along with its proximity to other large population centres on the east coast. 

But there are some fields of creative endeavour in which Perth really punches above its weight, even leading its more populous counterparts on the other side of the country. Take street art.

In recent years numerous impressive murals have appeared on the sides of buildings throughout Perth and Fremantle, such as those shown below. 

You seem to encounter them almost wherever you go in the city. While some are a bit ordinary most of them have been created with a fair degree of skill. 

But in Sydney, which has a much larger and more concentrated population, there's a surprising lack of quality street art. Sure, there's a lot of ugly graffiti. But genuine murals by artists are comparatively few and far between.

I really noticed this upon arriving back in Sydney several months ago. For a while, the most notable example I'd seen was the one shown below, at Bondi Junction.

There are many more, of course. But they are comparatively hard to find and, as a rule, not nearly as impressive as those in Perth.