The big local construction project that has been getting the most publicity (and causing the most controversy!) recently is the Perth Arena. Perhaps second on the list would be the tower above Brookfield Place (originally called City Square).

This impressive structure is located on St Georges Terrace and looms over the Esplanade Busport.

The cranes in the above shot are gone now, and the building has been pretty much completed. The offices are gradually being filled by the major tenant BHP Billiton.

Actually, it doesn't seem so long ago that it was all just being started. Back in about 2000 I remember walking past this huge hole in the ground and wondering what the hell would spring up from it. Well, now I know!

I took the photos shown below a couple of months ago. The Brookfield Place tower is 45 storeys tall, but for some reason its great height doesn't really come across in them. Perhaps it's something to do with its glass walls, and the fact that there are no people or cars to compare it with?

Anyway, it's an imposing building that looks spectacular on a cloudless day.

The photos above were all taken from the Swan River side of the building, but the tower looms over St Georges Terrace as well. Below it can be seen with part of the Old Technical School, which has been restored as part of the whole project.