I'd say a high percentage of Perth locals will have seen the Entertainment Centre lately, and know that it's disappearing bit by bit. The demolition of this famous local landmark has been going on for several weeks now, perhaps even a couple of months, yet it's not quite half done. It does seem a bit odd that it would take so long. (Although I suppose its bottom heavy design meant that it could not be destroyed in one mighty blast, like so many big structures are these days.)

In any case it does present quite a spectacular scene. Below, I've included a couple of photos I took of it a month or two back, soon after the demolition project began, but have been too busy to post until now.

It looks like a bite had been taken out of the structure in this shot. Nowadays, the bottom section of the part left unscathed from that "bite" is also gone.

That section, now absent, can be seen clearly in the photograph below. The middle section at the top still stands, but the "shoulders" of the structure are looking very much the worse for wear now!

The covering on one of them is still intact in the photo below, but it's pretty much entirely gone now -- as are all the trees and shrubs.

It's quite a sight if you go past on the bus into Wellington Street Station. You go very close to it and can see deep into what remains of the stands. I have taken some more recent photos that show those changes. I'll post them when I find the time.