When starting this blog I kept returning to the Perth Entertainment Centre as it was being demolished. Similarly, I've posted about the Perth Arena. I did this because I felt that the destruction of the former coinciding with the construction of the latter was a good metaphor for how Perth was changing. (I even had a photo of each project on this site's main page for a while, but took them down because they didn't seem to sit right next to the text.)

It seems I'm not the only one who felt this way. A well known local artist called John Tarry has actually created a whole exhibition based on this cycle of destruction and renewal. It's called In My Beginning is my End and is showing at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre in Hay St.

This description of the event makes it seem well worth a look:

By treating the dereliction of the old and the creation of the new with equal importance the exhibition provides a poetic and timely insight into our rapidly changing city.