I live in Mosman Park, and often head down to the Subway not far from the train station there. Along that stretch of the Stirling Highway the road is too narrow. So is the footpath, especially right near the station itself. Walking along it always feels a bit fraught, particularly at rush hour. There's a hell of a lot of traffic thundering through there on the way to Fremantle and back.

About a hundred metres form the station there's a busy petrol station where people enter at speed from the highway. If you're walking along there you've got to keep your eyes open.

Confirmation that this particular stretch of road is risky came a few days ago. One morning a car veered off the highway for some reason or other and flattened a pedestrian crossing sign. (In the photo below, the car itself is in the top left hand corner.)

There are plans to widen this particular section of Stirling Highway, among others. This has caused controversy, since some residential and business buildings will have to be demolished. But frankly I think it will be a good thing. It's certainly a more dangerous stretch of that highway than most.