Perth has several entertainment districts. The main one is Northbridge. Then there's Subiaco. There are also quite a few cafes, restaurans and pubs on Albany Highway in Victoria Park, although they're quite spread out.

Aside from Northbridge, the closest to the CBD is Oxford St Leederville. The shot below (taken from the overpass leading from Oxford St to the Leederville train station) gives an idea of its proximity to the CBD.

The actual cafe strip in question is quite short. But it's a pleasant area with several charming and distinctive cafes and restaurants as well as an old cinema and a couple of pubs.

It's not exactly grungy, but it does have a more laid back feel to it than, say, Northbridge. There are plans for a major upgrade of the strip. So it will be interesting to see if it retains its current atmosphere -- and if so, to what extent.