Thirty years ago I was studying at the University of WA. Aside from the tavern on the campus grounds, one very popular pub was Steve's Nedlands Park Hotel, down near the water at the end of Broadway.

It seemed to me quite a grand and distinctive building that dominated the surrounding area, with a completely clear view to the Swan River.

Obviously a lot happens in several decades. But when I went there about 18 months ago I was still stunned to see how much that whole area had changed. The hotel building was still there, although it was being transformed into several small, upmarket units at the time.

The old structure was dwarfed by a couple of large, sleek apartment blocks. Here they are seen from near the river:

The one on the right is seen below. The old Steve's is nestled in behind that building.

As I recall it, back in the old Steve's heyday the entire area that these apartments now occupy was pretty much empty space.

The old watering hole hasn't disappeared though. It's now called Steve's Fine Wine and Food. It's part of another new building on the corner of Broadway and The Avenue which is adjacent to its old location.