It's well known that Perth has a lot of Poms! As Wikipedia states:

Perth's population is notable for the high proportion of British-born residents. At the 2006 Census, 142,424 British-born Perth residents were counted,[51] narrowly behind Sydney (145,261),[52] despite having just 35% of the overall population of Sydney.

And like other ethnic and cultural groups, those hailing from the British Isles tend to gravitate to the same suburbs. I'd long known that the southern centre of Rockingham had a large limey population. That's where many of my close British relatives had moved to, after all.

But it seems that Poms are flocking to another section of the city as well.

According to last year's census, the seven most English suburbs in Australia are all located along Perth's northern coastal strip.

The new suburb of Jindalee tops the list with 36.6 per cent, Mindarie has 27.3, Connolly 27, Burns Beach 26.9, Carramar 24 per cent, Butler 23.45 per cent and Tapping 22 per cent. When you add the Scots and Welsh into the mix, it's higher. And when the Australian-born children of these expats are subtracted, second-generation Aussies are thin on the ground

It's interesting that both the northern and southern Pommy hubs are quite a way from the CBD. And they are also close to the beach. Conditions in such spacious areas are surely a far cry from those in cramped, often damp Britain. It seems that the Brits moving there are really relishing the vast difference in lifestyle that these suburbs offer.