Not unlike the Daglish station nearby, the railway station at Shenton Park is covered in many colourful murals. It seems that the ones now present are a second edition. (The first batch were painted back in 1998, but peeled away over the years.)

This photo shows the station from the western side.

Here's the view as you walk down the steps into the station.

The artwork on this side is generally train-related (appropriate considering the location!).

Then it becomes a pretty wacky and surreal scene of various animal characters chilling out in some bar.

The rest of the station is also covered in pictures but I didn't photograph those.

It's an odd jumble of themes but it's definitely pleasant to look at and adds a lot of charm to the railway station. And the original intention of putting all this art up to deter graffiti taggers has certainly worked because these images are the only ones that are up there as far as I can tell.