As I mentioned in a previous post, the poorer suburb of Balga has changed substantially, with lots of new construction. Of course it's not unusual that such a thing would occur, least of all in economic boom times. Still, it's something you really notice, and certainly gives the whole suburb a very different atmosphere.

Here's another example of the transformation. Below is a shot of an old, pretty run down block of flats near the Reid Highway. I suspect that there were quite a few more like this in decades past, and that this is one of the last of them that has remained pretty much unchanged. Most of the others have either been demolished completely or have had massive facelifts.

Right across the road is another cluster of cozy, clean and shortbread-coloured houses of the kind that continue to spring up all over Perth. While still comparatively modest, they're certainly a far cry from the dilapidated accommodation above.