There's no denying that politics is a blood sport and that anyone who wants to be treated with kid gloves should give the profession a wide berth. That said, there should be some standards.

For example, indulging in sledges that equate your political enemies with violent low life criminals is unbecoming. That's just what Labor Leader Mark McGowan has done to disgraced former State Treasurer Troy Buswell in an attack referring to the latter's recent behaviour in the aftermath of his disastrous drunken implosion several weeks ago:

"His failure to co-operate with the police, his failure to answer questions, his failure to give a statement to the police is appalling," Mr McGowan said on Tuesday.

"That's the sort of stuff that drug dealers and bikies do."

It also seems a tad hypocritical given that his party has had more than its fair share of law-breakers in its midst. Sure, they're not from WA. Still, McGowan does hail from the same tribe that produced known scumbags Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson.

Speaking of drug dealing, Michael Coutts-Trotter, husband of Tanya Plibersek. has done time for this very crime. If you don't think even that's vile enough, there's Milton Orkopoulos, still in the slammer for child sexual offences.

Let's not forget that the former leader of his party and the nation's PM Julia Gillard is currently being investigated over her alleged role in a massive fraud. And there's much talk about another Labor luminary who's had a rather serious complaint of a sexual nature levelled against him. While these figures may be exonerated in the full course of time, you'd have to admit it's not such a great look. 

There's something else that makes McGowan's comparison seem doubly unfair. That is Labor's repeated claims to be the party of compassion and understanding. They are forever trying to raise awareness about issues such as depression and workplace bullying. You'd think McGowan would be a bit less vicious in light of the fact that Buswell has suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalized as a result.

Imagine the reaction from McGowan's side if one of their number crashed and burned in the way Buswell did, and the WA Libs called him a bikie and drug dealer. The indignant squawking from Labor and their numerous media cuddle bunnies would be heard as far as Butler, and go on for weeks.