Mayor of the City of Vincent Alannah MacTiernan is angered by WA's new residential housing codes. The changes are minor:

WA's new residential housing codes, to come into effect on August 2, reduce the minimum open space requirement for multi-dwelling R50 and R60 developments from 45 per cent to 40 per cent.

But of course this is all too much for Ms MacTiernan. She says the change will contribute to a heat island effect. Wouldn't be surprised if she invokes climate change as well ...

I think most people will see through this hyperbole. Only die hard greenies would be persuaded by such tosh, after all.

While Perth is certainly a lot more crowded than in days of yore, it's still got a helluva lot of open space compared to other big cities. The CBD is still comparatively uncluttered and out in the suburbs there are parks and gardens galore.

While it's nice to have big swathes of greenery around the joint, you can certainly go overboard with them. They could even be seen as being anti-green, in a way. That is, by contributing to suburban sprawl, they significantly increase average driving distances, and thereby the city's overall carbon footprint.

And this obsession with greening up the CBD in particular is ridiculous! It's clearly not rational, and is driven in major part by greenies' crazy hatred of civilization.

Quite frankly, I think urban centres should be dominated by concrete. As well as being hubs of commercial, intellectual and technological activity, they represent humanity's mastery of the environment. We should be proud of the fact that we can separate ourselves to a great degree from the cruel chaos of nature and nothing says "Screw you Gaia!" like a huge gleaming skyscraper. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

Regressive deep green zealots, on the other hand, have an utterly idiotic view of nature. They think it, and not civilization, is where humanity's salvation lies. But you just have to watch an episode of Deadly Sixty to know how stupid that is.

Not only are greenies deluded, they're also hugely hypocritical. If they are so deeply in tune with nature, why do they all live in the inner suburbs?

Well, we all know the answer to that question. It's because they want to enjoy the comforts that civilization offers while denying them to others.

The molly-coddled middle-class finger-waggers should walk their talk occasionally and spend some time in the natural world rather than waxing lyrical about it from a distance. They might actually learn something then.

But of course they won't ever do that. That would require integrity, something they have almost as little of as compassion for those less fortunate than themselves.