Fremantle, south of Perth, is a hub for greenies, lefties, and other alternative lifestyle types who aren't exactly big fans of major new developments. But several such projects have already been completed in the area, with many more currently being constructed -- and others still on the drawing board, no doubt. I can imagine many of the locals being absolutely livid about this.

The Northbank precinct of North Fremantle is perhaps the most visible of these sites. You can see it very clearly from the two bridges that cross the Swan River into the port city. Over the last several years there has been a lot of development there. So many luxury apartments right next to the water is a scene more reminiscent of Sydney than Perth or Freo. In fact, Northbank looks quite like a smaller version of Drummoyne's Birkenhead Point.

The newest and most impressive of these buildings is a big white apartment block right next to Queen Victoria Street called Rivershores.

The units must be worth a fortune. As well as being so large and luxurious, they have a pleasant view out over the water that will never be obscured.