I just read a report about how the markets in Subiaco are slated for destruction and will be replaced by huge new shopping outlets. My first thought: That's not surprising! They've been lying fallow for ages ... 
But I then realized that this update referred to plans for the extant Station Street Markets, and not the old Pavillion Markets down the road (pictured below). 

Just goes to show how quickly things continue to change in this area. 
I used to live nearby in a unit on Subiaco Rd, close to the West Leederville Station. I actually left 12 years ago but it seems like yesterday.
When I first moved there in the late nineties Subiaco Station was much as it had always been. A far cry from the sleek, covered subterranean hub that it is now, it was still an old above grounder with a wooden bridge. (There are still several train stations like this in Perth -- Claremont for instance. Always amazes me why they've kept that one as it is, particularly when you consider how well off the area is.)
Because of the increased density of buildings and profusion of shops and businesses in Subiaco the whole vibe of the area has been totally transformed. It had such a quaint, almost village like atmosphere, and on the weekend the Pavillion Markets were the centre of activity.

Will be sad when that's finally gone, as well as the Station St Markets, which still evoke some of that old atmosphere. But you can't help progress, I suppose ...

UPDATE: Today (14th) in Subiaco saw a pan-handler in Rockeby Rd. Very rare to see one outside the CBD -- and even in that area there were far fewer such desperate souls about a decade ago.