Kim Hames has disavowed his earlier comments regarding the Sixty Minutes interview with baby Gammy's parents. Initially he said that after watching the interview he felt sure that the girl Pipah was not at risk in the care of David Farnell.

His subsequent about face was primarily due to legal protocol:

"I was convinced with his remorse over those issues and that he loves his baby daughter, and I think he and his wife will take good care of her," he told reporters.

But Dr Hames backflipped later, telling Fairfax radio that after speaking with Child Protection Minister Helen Morton, he realised his comments were "inappropriate" because there was an investigation underway.

Glad to know he's corrected his error. But like many people I'm left scratching my head by his take on the situation in the first place.

It's a well established fact that it's almost impossible to stop a convicted pedophile from reoffending -- or at least desperately wanting to.

Then there was the interview itself. You've really got to wonder why Hames found it convincing. 

Farnell had a creepy shell-like demeanour throughout. Very little of what he said seemed to ring true to me. When he did shed tears they seemed to be for his own plight more than for anything else.

I can only conclude from this strange little episode that Kim Hames is trusting to the point of naivete. What's someone with such an immature world view doing in the Liberal Party? He should be in the Greens instead.