Lately, it's been close to freezing many nights in a row. I've been thinking how unusual this is for Perth, trying to recall any time when it's been this cold for this long. But nothing comes to mind.

That's why the news that we're on track to have the coldest, driest July in history doesn't surprise me at all. It seems particularly odd when you consider all this hysteria about global warming.

Of course warmists will say that I'm confusing weather with climate. But then they are happy to point to specific, short term changes as evidence of their theory. And I wouldn't be surprised if they cite this cold, dry snap as evidence of human caused climate change, too.

Well, whatever the reasons for this unusual weather, the crisp, cloudless days have been beautiful. It's ideal walking weather. But I'm certainly getting sick of the nippy nights. I can't remember being so cold since I lived in Melbourne back in the nineties.

As much as I dread the rain I'll be glad when the drought breaks and the weather starts to warm up a bit.