Being in the Curtin Electorate, and living in Mosman Park, I nipped down to the charming art deco Memorial Hall to place my vote. Mossie Park is a real Liberal Party stronghold, given that it's generally a pretty well off and established suburb with lots of oldsters. (That said, there are chunks of it that are demographically the opposite of this, making it quite an intriguing locality.)

The atmosphere at the polling place was certainly very different to King St Newtown, where I voted a couple of times when I was living in Sydney. That inner city suburb is completely dominated by the green Left. Felt quite sorry for the conservatives who were running in that area! Didn't actually see any overt abuse of them when I was there. But knowing the Left's penchant for obnoxiousness, I'm sure they faced a lot of hostility in the form of dirty looks, sneers and comments. 

Today the situation was reversed. The greenies were the ones who seemed the odd ones out. I thought that their little recycling box for how to vote cards being dwarfed by the Liberal Party poster said it all. The Greens are fixated on feel good moral posturing, whereas the Libs are thinking about real issues like the economy.

I have no doubt that the voters in Curtin will realize this and make the sensible choice. I just hope that a decisive majority of voters throughout the rest of Western Australia do the same thing. Will be hugely exasperating if Abbott doesn't have an amenable Senate to work with from now on.