There has been quite a bit of talk in the media about how Perth's rental market has changed recently. The main issue is how rents have soared.

But there's also the very high competition for rental properties. I got a taste of this directly just recently ...

For various reasons I have been toying with the idea of moving from my current unit to another one. So I did some Googling and found a place in Maylands that looked like it had potential. There was a public viewing at a set time a couple of days ago. I expected that there would be at least ten people there. That was about the number who showed up for the place I'm in now, in Yokine, when I first looked at the property in mid 2010.

But I was amazed to see close to thirty people showing up to this latest public viewing. The place was just a small one bedroom unit in a high rise block. But the crowd consisted of all types. There was even at least one couple with a child, if I recall correctly.

I may have a look at other places. But as a result of that viewing I'm counting my blessings for having found this place.

Of course it's not impossible to find a place to live. You just have to keep looking and applying and you'll find something eventually. Still, it's far more saturated than, say, a decade ago. And if that one viewing is any guide, the competition for properties has gone up quite a bit even in the last couple of years.

UPDATE: Here's a story confirming he trend I described above.