In the wake of Colin Barnett abandoning his sensible shark mitigation strategy (inaccurately labelled a cull by his enemies) the Greens are crowing

They seem to think that their victory on this issue is complete and enduring. But they shouldn't break out the bongs just yet ... 

Sure, the polls may be with their insane do-nothing, humans-have-got-this-coming take on the attacks at the moment. But the odds of another gruesome gobbling at a beach in Perth are high indeed. And if that happens the people will demand some real action.

If such an event doesn't occur while Barnett is in power then he's off the hook, so to speak. But I suspect it will. And unlike the present situation, he'll have the public behind him. He'll also have the advantage of having been consistent on this issue, unlike his opponent the cynical and opportunistic Mark McGowan

If McGowan does become Premier and an attack occurs on his watch then he'll be forced to enact something along the lines of Barnett's plan. And if he does, he'll look like a real goose!