Now living in Sydney and recalling my latest time in my home town of Perth, I keep thinking about key aspects of the two cities that give them their unique character.

Architectural history is a key point of difference. One thing you really notice in Sydney, particularly when you're close to the CBD is just how many old buildings there are. And it's not just landmarks and heritage sites. It's also the residences. The majority of occupied houses in suburbs like Stanmore, Newtown and Balmain are charming old terrace houses.

Needless to say very few of these remain standing in Perth. There are more of them in Fremantle. But they're still comparatively rare. 

Below is a shot of a line of them in the port city. They now comprise a backpackers hostel or a B and B if I remember correctly. Just imagine eighty percent of the houses being like these charming old structures and you get a sense of what inner Sydney is like.