Looking at my stats, I have noticed that a lot of visitors are coming via searches related to that video of the man berating those drunk girls at McDonalds.

I think a lot of people want to find out who the protagonists actually were and what their background is. Unfortunately I have no details about this. I'm pretty sure the bloke was interviewed on tele a couple of days ago. And I read somewhere that the girls were actually uni students who were mortified about what happened. I'm sure that everyone who was involved wants the whole thing to blow over as soon as possible.

I doubt that there'll be any more follow-up reports in the mainstream media. However there is clearly still a lot of interest in the event as evidenced by my traffic stats and the fact that the story is still prominently displayed on Perth Now even though it's a few days old.

I think this is because the bloke actually did something that so many people would love to do in such situations, but shy away from. He was mad as hell, and he wasn't gonna take this anymore! He actually ignored that inner voice telling him not to get involved. We all hear it, and we almost always obey it.

The comments on news sites and social media certainly confirm this interpretation. The vast majority of them were supportive of his actions, often including sentiments like "good on him" and "I'm sick and tired of seeing this kind of drunken stupidity". Clearly, countless people often witness antisocial behaviour in public places and feel powerless to stop it.

It's really interesting because this simply wasn't the case twenty or thirty years ago. If teenagers or kids were playing up, there'd be no shortage of adults willing to discipline them. Now they just run amok and everyone tries desperately to ignore them. What the hell has happened?

McDonalds Innaloo -- scene of the, er, crime.