The green campaign to stop the shark cull has been growing gradually more unhinged of late. As well as repeated bolshie demos featuring conga lines of misanthropic cranks there has also been an attack on the Premier's office in Cottesloe. Also, threats have made against fisherman carrying out the cull. 

The latest development: A passionate young activist called Drew Gregory sent Barnett an expletive-laden e-mail threatening to kill him

Okay, so she's just a kid. And she didn't really mean it. And even if she had she surely would never have gotten away with it.

Still, the authorities have to take such things seriously. And after meeting with the Premier personally she's actually gotten off quite lightly

Following the hearing, Mr Barnett said he was pleased with the outcome.

"I met with her, she apologised and I accepted that apology," he said.

"It was a serious matter but I was pleased to see that she did not get a custodial sentence.

"I hope she can now move on from this."

Wisely, Ms Gregory expressed remorse over her brain snap, and Barnett showed himself to be eminently reasonable, agreeable and forgiving -- the polar opposite of the arrogant ogre he's so often portrayed as. 

Most reasonable people would be alarmed that the heated atmosphere created around this issue by bongo-banging, bong-suckling barbarians has resulted in this girl doing something she may well regret her whole life.

Hell, she penned a threat to kill an elected political leader! And why? Because she was enraged over the plight of a few bloody great carnivorous fish; fish that are quite clearly not nearly as threatened as greenies claim. (Threatened? Ha! They're not even intimidated.)

I can't recall any such extreme acts by greenies in this state in the past, even when the survival of cute warm blooded native creatures like quolls and bilbies was perceived to be at risk ... 

Without a doubt this little legal episode will feed the rage of those on the Left who so despise civilization, democracy and the rule of law. Assorted leftie moonbats, frightbats, shark huggers and deep green howler monkeys are surely squawking up a storm of lefteous indignation about this, casting her as the victim of a fascist police state. There's also sure to be much bilious ranting about the punishment metered out to her being appallingly sexist and ageist. 

Well, I can think of a much better example of that: That poor young girl being monstered by the plods and having her reputation trashed in the media all because she yelled out the word "ape" at Adam Goodes. 

And it's a lay down misere the politically correct types who are enraged now were cheering the poor kid's public evisceration back then. Ugh! What a sinister pack of gruesome hypocrites they are.